Avalanche Wrestling (7-13 yrs) 

Kids Wrestling

Ninja Boxing (7+ yrs)

Youth Boxing

Little Monsters (4-7 yrs) – “Learning through play”

This class is an innovative approach to teaching martial arts. It is designed in a way to allow kids to fall in love with Jiu-Jitsu through the use of imaginative games, stories, enthusiasm, and energetic atmosphere. The teacher is an actor and plays different roles, such as a robber, giant, crocodile, crazy horse, etc. The kids “play” Jiu-Jitsu with the teacher in order to become accustomed to the movements and techniques without having to be overwhelmed by bigger, more aggressive kids right away. This is the perfect buffer class to help introduce children to the martial arts.

Positive affirmation is a key part of the curriculum, which includes a belt system of progression for each student based upon attendance, attitude, effort, consistency, improvement, and skill. Instilling discipline is crucial to building a solid foundation for an individual’s future success in life. The Little Monsters program incorporates many tools which help build consistency and diligence in our students.

We are excited to be teaching the “Gracie Games” of the legendary family that began with no rules (vale tudo) challenge matches in Brazil and would go on to create the UFC here in the States. This family is now famously known as the largest fighting family in martial arts history. They taught their children from a very young age using 10 basic “games” which involve stories and scenarios where the child is able to “play” jiu-jitsu against the “actor,” who is responsible for helping the child develop all of the correct reactions and positioning common to a real-life situation.

*Requirements: a white belt is required for this class, which is provided upon enrollment.

Junior Samurais (7-12 yrs) – “Embark on the Journey”


Kids Martial Arts NRH

Our Junior Samurai class is a great way to get your child involved and comfortable in an athletic activity, even if he/she shows little interest in other sports. There are a myriad of positive results that will come with the training. In this class, we cover the fundamental techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which are broken down in a simple, fun, and exciting way. Games help the students “warm up” to a stage of learning readiness, quickly shifting them into the proper learning gear. Fun drills and live “rolling” (grappling) help the techniques become marinated into the muscle memory, and each child will learn to react without conscious thought (an essential part of self-defense). Students become accustomed to an opponent or potential attacker’s weight. With this type of training comes a sensibility that allows one to avoid dangerous positions common in real-life situations.

Positive affirmation through the belt system is a key part of the curriculum for each student based upon attendance, attitude, effort, consistency, improvement, and skill.

*Requirements: A training uniform (Gi) is required for this class, which is provided upon enrollment.


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